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Who we are...


Shorty is the founder, compounder and mixologist at Shorty's Gins. Creating fruit infused gins, made the old fashioned way. From humble beginnings making Sloe Gin for family and friends for Christmas, Shorty began experimenting with other fruits. Then challenged by one of the countries up and coming young chefs, the short one created a botanical Hedgerow Gin. Experimenting with new combinations and flavours, Shorty believes she has the best job in the world.

What we do...


We create stunningly tasty fruit infused and select botanicals gins using only nature's finest ingredients. Please be patient as it takes 2-3 weeks to create, infuse and bottle our gins. Each bottle guarantees a five sensory hit...

1 - Visually stunning

2 - Curvy and dimpled bottle

3 - The sound of the cork popping

4 - The scent of fruits and botanicals

5 - Last but by no means least, the taste of nature in a glass

Latest News


Finally, a moment to update the website! Greetings fellow gin monsters! Well, autumn is fast approaching which means some of the summer flavours will be nestling down and hibernating for the harsher months of the year. However, don't be sad...there are new and exciting additions to the range which will be ready for your indiscernible palates by the end of September. Please watch this space and check in regularly to our facebook page; www.facebook.com/shortysgins 

And finally, please be patient with the short one as the old inbox is bulging!

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Home is where the gin is!

Now fully ensconsed in the wonderful St Hilda's Business Center in Whitby, Shorty's Ginporium is coming along nicely. Please send us a message if you would like to visit. You can also collect orders from there.

Shorty's Gins

St Hilda's Business Centre. The Ropery, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England YO22 4ET, United Kingdom

+44 7899 932015


Monday - Friday: By appointment

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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