In brief...

Shorty's Gins was established in 2017 by Rachael Conisbee aka Shorty. Nicknamed Shorty by her late father, it was the only name worthy of such a mammoth adventure. Being one of only a handful of female gin producers, Shorty started off making fruit gin liqueurs. And now proudly presents her very own London Dry Gin, Endeavour Gin.

How it all began...

Are you sitting comfortably....

...then i shall begin!

Back in early 2017, Shorty was making driftwood art and had a small workshop overlooking the sea. It was indeed a wonderful adventure. However beach combing, day dreaming and letting life drift by (every pun intended!) did not pay the bills. 

After a glut of Victoria Plums on the plum tree in my parents' garden, i had a go at making Plum Gin Liqueur. It went down rather well, better than expected. So thoughts turned to, maybe just maybe I could make gins for a living. Oh how we laughed at the local business help centre when I suggested such a venture. A small pat on the arm and stick to making driftwood art love, it's easier. It was the challenge Shorty needed!

So what happened next?.....

First to obtain the personal alcohol license. Then the premises license was approved. After that, every obstacle thrown in front of the short one was clambered over.  A  Compounder's license, registering with the duty stamp scheme, registering with the newly introduced when we started, the Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme. The steepest learning curve imaginable.

Then in February 2017 Shorty applied for the trademark Endeavour Gin. All was well until a threat of opposition from one of the world's largest suppliers and producers of alcoholic drinks and wines. They kindly allowed me to have Endeavour Gin after changing my application and agreeing to their terms. What a wonderful company they are.

Then the big bomb shell....whilst shopping in June 2017 at Lewis and Cooper's in Northallerton, dressed in tassled shorts and a t-shirt, the short one found that someone was using her trademark! AND their bottles were on the shelves in the shop! Well, a chance meeting with the Director of the distillery lead to a meeting with the 'gentleman'... it didn't go well. Knowing how small Shorty's was, he said, take me to court if you want your trademark. It will cost you 90k in total to go through court. Well, that knocked Shorty off her 26" legs! After consulting with the big boss (mother, best friend) we approached a trademark solicitor who said we had a watertight case. We sent a cease and desist letter! The 'gentleman' backed off straight away and pulled back all stock as per the terms of our contract he had had to sign.

Now October/ November 2018, and the Shorty's bank was empty. How could we carry on......then out of the blue, a secret benefactor/supporter deposited a sizeable chunk of money into the bank account. We could move forward again! All thanks to 'Chris'.

So gin folk, the battle has been long, hard and fraught with hassles, obstacles, legalities but we as a company have prevailed, culminating in the launch of Endeavour Gin. November 2019 and still a one woman business and battling hard each week to gain momentum. However, we really hope we can take on some help in 2020.

So, that is the tale of Shorty and Shorty's Gins. It is down to my wonderful followers on Instagram and Facebook that keep this business rollin'. Also a shout out to EVERY establishment stocking Endeavour Gin and our fruity liqueurs. 

Life is a challenge from birth and how we approach each day, how we treat others and animals, is how we progress and how we develop into good human beings. Shorty's is very different from all other gin companies as what really matters in life to Shorty is how we treat each other, look after each other and how we can help and impact, in a positive way, on other folks' lives.

A wage is the aim and to get through life in the best way possible. Shorty dedicates everything she achieves to her sister Lanky (Rebecca) who left life early in July 2012 and her best mate, Mum. 

UPDATE 17th January 2020

We achieved a Bronze Award at the World Gin Awards in London today with our first foray into the competitive market of London Dry Gins. Tears were actually shed in public!